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Speaker, Author, Lecturer, Researcher, Trainer, Consultant in CSR well-being and reconciliation of private/professional life My interventions concern the couvade or the ritual of the couvade, perinatality, parenthood, gender and  what I call the 1st Myth


   Roberte LaporaL

I became a music therapist by defending a thesis whose theme was the accompaniment of future parents during pregnancy. That's where I discovered the couvade, the ritual of the couvade and a whole world that turned my life upside down forever.

It is this work that I wish to share with you because it comes to shake up social constructions that have always questioned me:

    What is a father?
    Can a man be a tender father?
    Why don't women have the same social position as men?
    Where does the gender distribution of tasks come from?

This is how I found leads to these questions starting from the couvade, this phenomenon observed in future fathers.

The couvade led me to the ritual of the couvade which then made me discover that this ritual initially took place at the heart of non-binary societies, at the heart of a social and spiritual organization that showed more "humanity " than ours.

I invite you in turn to share my astonishment and also a form of hope for a slightly more egalitarian society.

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The ritual of the couvade or the volatility of gender

And yes, I'm still re-reading my latest book. Indeed, a friend read it, and made sure to put the whole book in inclusive writing. a big thank you to HER. So a delayed publication but a big thank you to all those who have already purchased it.

3eme livre à sortir

My latest book is in review
Patience before publication

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