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Researcher, Author, Music Therapist

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The Couvade, A Door to Our Humanity

What do I offer you?

I invite you to share my research and my skills through meetings around my books, conferences, internships, training, retreats, awareness.



Towards Which Audiences?

Intended for future parents as well as professionals, schoolchildren such as academics, associations, organizations, companies or individuals...

How long?

A meeting with an author has a duration of two hours, the internships and training can last up to three days. I adapt to the request, to the needs.


I present my book and my research in France and abroad

Author meeting around the myth that preceded male domination

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We often have the idea that the organization of the world has always been as we perceive it today. A world in which men dominate, capitalism is privileged, nature is dominated... And yet, the ritual of the couvade gives us to see a society of a completely different model which, moreover, happens to be an inversion of the patriarchal system.

Teddy doux


You would like me to come and share my research on the ritual of the couvade, on the psychological experience of future parents, on gender as it may have been perceived before male domination, to discover that today it is the return "new fathers"...?

Would you like to be made aware of Music Therapy?

Would you like to discover the accompaniment of future and new parents in music therapy?

Do you want to live the experience of improvised songs, in a group dynamic?

Do not hesitate to contact me with the form on your right

Thank you for what you sent

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